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About Us

Established in 1987, The Cutting Edge is the first/oldest snowboard & skateboard shop on the East coast with 25 years of service to our customers. The Cutting Edge specializes in retail sales, service and repairs of snowboards, skateboards, bicycles and all related apparel & accessories. We have an extensive and complete selection of equipment in each department. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service.

Our employees are all passionately and actively involved in the sports that we love/sell/service and will be seen on the local hills, skateparks, trails. We sponsor a "shop team" of local athletes in each department, snow, skate, longboard, mtb, bmx. We spend quite a bit of time on equipment clinics/demos, sales training and riding. The Cutting Edge has always been involved in the promotion of the sports that we love.  We sponsor local riders, organize contests at the shop & local mountains and plan special events like movie premiers or shop guided rides.

Seven days a week, The Cutting Edge is a meeting place for people with common interests. Check out our Instagram  for the latest info.

Today, as the business celebrates 25+ years, I am still actively involved with the sports that I love. I work in the business five or six days a week and enjoy working with customers on the sales floor. The Cutting Edge is the heart and soul of Connecticut!

Product knowledge and excellent service are the backbone of  The Cutting Edge to this day. We believe in and service all of the products that we sell. Cutting Edge employees attend trade shows and demos and consult with our buyers to hand pick only top quality products. The shop has a modular layout and changes faces with the change of the seasons.  Clean merchandising and a fresh shop layout keep things exciting.

Our History

In September 1974, I stepped on a skateboard and my life was literally changed. From that day forward skateboarding became my passion.  In high school, friends and I formed the “Wheelin’ Free Skateboard Team”  I organized local skateboard demos, safety clinics and travel to the local skate parks. 

In December 1984, I strapped into my first snowboard and my life changed again.  Snowboarding became my new obsession.  In 1987, with little more than enthusiasm and a few dollars,  I founded the first retail snowboard shop on the East coast, The Cutting Edge.  From day one, I stocked the shop with a good selection of quality skateboard and snowboard equipment.  The Cutting Edge quickly became know as the spot in CT for skate and snow lovers. In 1989 we added bicycles to the product mix to meet the demand and to round out our seasonal business.

As the popularity of skateboarding, snowboarding & biking grew so did my business. I could no longer run the shop solo and local talented skaters and riders became workers.  I learned early on that passionate employees were a very important part of the success and growth of my business. I have always believed that the best way to treat my customers was to simply treat them the way I would like to be treated. 

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