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Live a healthier and more active lifestyle with an Electric Bike from Aventon! Find the perfect ebike for your lifestyle.

Del Sol

Simplify your ride with a Del Sol cruiser. Each model features our famous SuperCruise frame with its laid-back and comfortable geometry for the ultimate in barefoot pedaling. Equally at home on the boardwalk as the cul-de-sac, Del Sol cruisers are the most comfortable way to enjoy life in the slow lane. From the simple Cantina to the moto-inspired Railer Plus, to everything in-between, we have your personal cruise covered.


Bob Haro was born in 1958 in Pasadena, California. After an early successful career in motocross racing, Bob tried his hand at BMX and he quickly discovered the fun of riding on skateboard ramps and learning new tricks. Then in 1977 Haro entered the industry by making number plates for racers. Soon, his company had a variety of cool BMX accessories and became known as Haro Designs.


We are Juliana Bicycles and we create mountain bikes at the forefront of women’s cycling. We take huge pride in the fact that all our bicycles are designed, tested and hand built in California with the help of our friends at Santa Cruz Bicycles.

We believe in delivering the best trail riding experience possible by trusting in proven geometries and engineering. We utilize leading carbon fiber technology and proprietary VPP™ suspension to keep things light and efficient on our race-winning flagship models.


Kona was founded in 1988 by longtime riders and racers who had previously worked for other pioneering west-coast mountain bike companies. The first Kona bicycles were custom machines based on the Kona founders' own personal preferences in high-end off-road bikes. And, this tradition of making thoughtful, reliable, special, well-balanced bicycles is still the cornerstone of the Kona way.


Orbea create and manufacture unique bikes to inspire riders who share our passion for cycling and our belief in a fair society.

Santa Cruz

Based in the riding mecca of Santa Cruz, California, Santa Cruz Bicycles meticulously designs and develops some of the best-riding, most-fun bicycles money can buy. Using only the finest materials and manufacturing standards, Santa Cruz is at the pinnacle of technology, value and riding enjoyment.


Surly's innovative bikes and components are truly rider-driven. From the handy, station wagon on wheels Big Dummy  to the ride-over-anything, 3.7-inch-wide-tired Pugsley to the insanely versatile, S & S coupled, pack it in your suitcase Travelers Check, Surly's bikes are designed for riders by riders. And, their parts are well thought out as well, with unique touches that make them easy to use and long lasting.


Rider owned for life. We're not gonna sugar coat this, making bikes is fun! Getting out and riding with our customers and seeing our bikes out on the trails fuels our passion everyday.

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